We sell pure Iowa honey, beeswax, candles, packagebees, and pollen here at the Ebert Honey Company.

2015 Package Bees for sale. 2#, 3#, and 4# package bees.

Package Bees for 2015

1st Load for the 1st weekend of April is now full.

2nd load for the 4th weekend of April is now full.

You can have your name added to a waiting list by calling 641-527-2639. There are no guarantees that we will be filling the waiting list.

We are booking a limited number of 4 frame nucs for $145.

Please note that we do not mail any package bees.

Package bees are for pickup only at the Lynnville, Iowa location.

We are now taking orders for package bees for delivery in April 2015. We offer 2#, 3#, 4#, and 4# with 2 queen packages. You have a choice of Carniolan or Italian queens for your packages.


Orders are coming in quickly this year so get your packages orderd today!


Click here to for the Package Bees page for prices and more information.


Welcome Memory Lane Antiques!

You can now buy Ebert Honey at Memory Lane Antiques located in the historic Valley Junction area of West Des Moines.


Memory Lane Antiques

208 5th St.

West Des Moines, IA 50265


Memory Lane Antiques on Facebook


Queen Bees - Ebert's Queen Bees are now available directly through our new website at EbertQueens.com


Ebert Honey has a website dedicated to our queen bees! You can even place orders for queens online.


Adam Ebert handles our queen bees out of his location in Mount Vernon, Iowa.


In the spring, queens are brought in from Koehnen & Sons out of California for sale. Adam begins raising his own Iowa queens once the weather becomes favorable for queen rearing. The Iowa queens are often started in June.


Ebert Queens - Ebert's Queen Bees are raised in our Cedar Rapids location by Adam Ebert. You can place orders at EbertQueens.com.


If you have any questions about Ebert Queen Bees, please contact Adam Ebert at (319) 430-3514.




Click on the queen bee to open the flyer that tells a little about us here at Ebert Honey.


Ebert Honey Co. Store Label

Look for Ebert Honey in a store near you!

Honey by the Barrel

Ebert Honey has honey for sale by the bucket or by the barrel.

Ebert Honey has honey for sale by the bucket or the barrel.

Give us a call!

Building the Business:

Phil Ebert began Ebert Honey in 1980 with only about ten colonies, and they sat in the backyard of his Fairfield home. At that time, one five gallon bucket of honey seemed like a large amount. Once the honey was bottled, it was mainly sold out of the house.

Although keeping bees began as a hobby, the amount of time and money committed to making honey gradually increased over the years.

Today, Ebert Honey maintains nearly 600 hives which produced 90,000 pounds of honey in 2005. Processing and bottling takes place in a steel building erected in 1996 to house the expanding business.

Today, the vast majority of Ebert Honey is sold in Central Iowa grocery stores and bakeries. Additional revenue is derived from pollination services in orchards.

Why buy Ebert Honey?

Ebert Honey is entirely unadulterated. The finished product is exactly the same as when the bees first made it. Our honey is not forced through pressure filters so we can process it with very little heat. This better preserves the natural enzymes and flavor.

Where to Buy Ebert Honey in Iowa



Hy-Vee at Lincoln Center
Wheatsfield Grocery

Agency Rd Health Market


Cedar Rapids
Health Hut

Des Moines
Hy-Vee at Army Post Road
Hy-Vee on Euclid Ave.
Hy-Vee on Grand Ave.
Hy-Vee Park Ave Health Market
Hy-Vee in Urbandale
Hy-Vee Windsor Heights
Dahl's on Merle Hay Road
Dahl's on Ingersoll Ave.
Dahl's at Wakonda Plaza
New City Market

Mc Nalley's

Dahl's on NW 86th St.


Whole Health Natural Foods

Appleberry Farm

Monroe Foods


Hinegardner's Orchard

Mt. Vernon
Bass Farms




Pleasant Hill

Prairie City
Prairie City Foods

Sioux City
Sergeant Rd Health Market

Coffe Cup Cafe
Community Locker

West Des Moines
Memory Lane Antiques
Dahl's at 156th and Hickman
Hy-Vee on Grand Ave.
Dahl's on EP True Pkwy
Valley West Health Market
Jordan Creek (West Lakes) Health
Market (Bulk Honey only)
Mills Civic Parkway

Golden color, blue ribbon quality. Ebert Honey tastes great!


Ebert Honey Company
14808 S. 102nd Ave. E.
Lynnville, Iowa 50153

Phone: (641) 527-2639
Email: EHoney@EbertHoney.com

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