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Welcome to The Honey Shop!

Beekeeper and honeybees on flowers.

Welcome to The Honey Shop!


“The honeybees perfected the sweet taste, we just bring it to your kitchen table.”


A Family Business

Phil Ebert cutting honeycomb.


Phil Ebert began Ebert Honey in 1980 with only about ten colonies in the backyard of his Fairfield, Iowa home. At the time, one five gallon bucket of honey seemed like a large amount. Once the honey was bottled, it was mainly sold from the house. What started out as a hobby later grew into a family business. Throughout the years all four of Phil’s sons have worked in the honey business. Currently Phil and two sons, Adam and Alex continue to expand the business.


Today, Ebert Honey is located in Lynnville, Iowa and maintains about 1000 beehives. They no longer fit in the backyard. In 1996 a steel building had been built to process, bottle, and store the honey. With the increased number of beehives came a large increase in honey production. The 60 pounds in a bucket has now reached up to around 100,000 pounds of honey. Most of the honey is sold to over 40 different grocery stores and bakeries though out the Des Moines, Iowa area.




Bees on a honeycomb.Honey production is the main goal of the business. Our beehives are set across the Iowa countryside. Most of the beehives are only 35-40 miles away from home. In Iowa the m
ain floral source is clover. Clover honey has a light color and a pleasant sweet taste. There are three varieties of clover that the bees will gather their nectar from during the honey season. There is the Dutch clover, the yellow sweet clover, and the white sweet clover. Clover flowers make a great tasting honey.

 The honey flow in Iowa can begin as early as June. Most years the honey harvest begins in mid-July through August. Once the honeycomb is harvested it is brought back to our processing building to be extracted. The extracted honey is put into 55 gallon drums which can then be moved into the bottling room. All of our filtering and bottling processes us a minimum of warming. We want a quality product and do not want to damage the honey with overheating.

 Ebert Honey can be found in many central and eastern Iowa grocery stores. While most of our honey is delivered to Des Moines, we also have stores in Ankeny, Ames, Marshalltown, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City/Coralville, Oskaloosa, and Pella Iowa.






HoneycombEvery year we also produce honeycomb. This is the most natural honey you can get. It is still in the comb just like how the bees eat it. One of the highlights of our honeycomb production is sending hundreds of squares to the Iowa Honey Producers sales booth at the Iowa State Fair. Around 1 million people attend the fair each year.








Expanding the Business


In addition to the large expansion in honey production, we have also expanded into other honeybee products and services. Filtered and raw beeswax have been growing in popularity over the last several years. Each April we sell packaged bees to people just getting started in beekeeping or replacing beehives lost during the winter. Adam has now opened up a second location south of Cedar Rapids, Iowa to facilitate the queen bee production in June.  Alex will take bees to pollinate three local orchards each spring. These things keep Phil and everybody very busy though out the year, but the result is a very enjoyable family business. Ebert Honey.