We sell pure Iowa honey, beeswax, candles, packagebees, and pollen here at the Ebert Honey Company.

Package Bees

Package Bees for 2017

Pickup dates are April 6th and 7th.

There will be a 2nd load later in April also.

We are required to charge Iowa sales tax (7%) on package bees this year.

Please note that we do not mail any package bees.

Package bees are for pickup only at the Lynnville, Iowa location.

2017 Package Bee Pricelist

Package Bees.
2# Packages
3# Packages

To place an order please include:

Your Name
Telephone Number
Email Address
Payment by check.
Number of Packages
  • Size (2#, 3#)
  • Specify Carniolan or Italian Queen Bee

You can mix and match package sizes and Queen Bee (Carniolan or Italian) choice in your order. Just be sure to indicate how many of each you want.

There is a $7 deposit for each of the cages in addition to the price of the package bees. The cage deposit is refunded upon return of the undamaged cages. Cages should be returned without the syrup can or the queen cage.

Please send payment by check for your total order for orders less than 10 packages. For orders of 10 or greater, please send a deposit for 50% of your total. The balance will be due when picking up your order.

Send in your order with a check payment to

Ebert Honey, LLC
14808 S. 102nd Ave. E.
Lynnville, Iowa 50153

Please do include your Email address if you have one. This is the easiest way to keep you up to date on the delivery schedule.

Contact me if you have questions. Phil Ebert (641) 527-2639 EHoney@EbertHoney.com

Our package bees will be coming from C F Koehnen and Sons, just as they did last year. We will sell packages until the truck is full.

Phil Ebert (641) 527-2639 EHoney@EbertHoney.com

If you have any questions, please email Ebert Honey at EHoney@EbertHoney.com or call Phil Ebert at (641) 527-2639.

Package bees are "poured" into the cages for delivery.

Did you ever wonder how they get all those
bees into each package?

Thousands of packaged bees are sent across the US every year.

Pour me another package please!

High population hives are used to make the packages.A can of corn syrup is used as feed in each cage to sustain the bees on their journey.

Package Bees feed on canister of corn syrup for their trip across the country.

Package Bees

Package Bees.

Ebert Honey Company
14808 S. 102nd Ave. E.
Lynnville, Iowa 50153

Phone: (641) 527-2639
Email: EHoney@EbertHoney.com

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