We sell pure Iowa honey, beeswax, candles, packagebees, and pollen here at the Ebert Honey Company.


Beeswax Uses:

  • Beeswax can quiet those squeaky door hinges.Stack of pure beeswax blocks.
  • Aid the movement of sliding doors, windows, and desk drwaers.
  • Loosen rusty nuts and bolts.
  • Easy the driving of woodscrews and nails.
  • Keep a winter coat zipper running smoothly.
  • Beeswax is also found in many everyday products.
  • Soaps, lotions, skin cream, and lip balm.
  • Furniture polishes.

Filtered Beeswax

Filtered Beeswax

Bright yellow, filtered beeswax by the block. Filtered beeswax blocks can be purchased through our online store in 1lb, 2lb, and 3lb blocks.



Industrial Grade Beeswax

Industrial Grade Beeswax

Coarse filtered through screen wire. There maybe some very small debris. Industrial grade beeswax is used for coating dies, blacksmithing, etc. Industrial Grade Beeswax is available in 1lb blocks through our online store.



Unfiltered Beeswax

Rough blocks of beeswax right from the extracting room!Unfiltered Beeswax - Bright yellow.


The beeswax blocks will vary in size, color and quality. The round blocks are our own beeswax. They are bright yellow and contain very little debris.



Unfiltered Beeswax - Darker Beeswax.

The other beeswax we handle is still good beeswax but is slightly darker and may have dead bees and other debris.Unfiltered Beeswax - Beeswax with debris.






The bright yellow beeswax is available for $5.40 / lb through our online store. For pricing on large quantities, call (641) 527-2639 or email EHoney@EbertHoney.com



Wikipedia page about beeswax.Read more about Beeswax on Wikipedia.



Beeswax Sticks


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